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If your email is not working, check the following:

  1. If you can send email but not receive. Check your POP or INCOMING setting. Check with your provider for the correct setting.
  2. If you can receive but not send. Check your SMTP or OUTCOMING setting.  Check with your provider for the correct setting and possible specify port number.
  3. Did you type your correct password? Password is case sensitive. 
  4. Do you have a firewall set-up? Check and follow the recommendation of the software.
  5. If your email seem unstable, please check if you any spyware in your computer.
    Spyware is a software a hacker would place in your computer without your knowledge.  How serious is this? This depends on the type of program they placed in your system. It can be as serious as obtaining your passwords to your online banking information. There are several types available.

If your web site is not showing, check the following:

  1. Double check by going to either or to see if their site is live. If so, there is something wrong with your connection.
  2. Call your Internet provider and check if there is something wrong with their service.



Sending large email file:
YouSendIt makes sending and receiving large files super-fast and easy.

Microsoft Outlook set-up: Click here

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