About Us


Our Team

We take pride in providing personal service while developing high quality, creative, custom media solutions. Our firm is staffed by vibrant, intelligent individuals who deliver solutions that compete with the best in the industry.

G. Tan, Art Director:
Designing since 1993 has brought Ms. Tan to understand our clients' needs and requirements in all aspect of their projects. She brings full knowledge of graphical skills and Internet marketing in her portfolio; thus, combining design, function and technical innovation that demand your attention.

M. Chan, Content Developer, Marketing and Promotion:
Since 1986, Ms. Chan brings direct marketing experience to our Internet clients. Large clients such as Carlson Marketing Group, Bank of Montreal, Royal Bank, Esso and small professionals have benefited from her marketing and promotional skills.

D. Taylor, Sales, Marketing and Promotion:
A detail-oriented team player dedicated to customer satisfaction by providing written and verbal communications beyond the clients' expectations, Mr. Taylor looks for opportunities where his over 25 plus years of creative ideas and strategic-minded aptitude provides strong leadership in a collaborative and challenging environment.

V. O'Garro, Networking and Multimedia Streaming:
Providing networking systems since 1996, Mr. O'Garro can assist you and your company with all the tools for a worry-free Internet, Intranet and Extranet experience.

L. Brasil and G. Brasil, Programmers:
Fluent in the latest programming languages, these talented brothers can convert your existing site to an interactive and effective site that can assist your organization in generating income.

R. Amer, Content Translator (Italian, Spanish, Arabic):
A talented young woman, Ms. Amer's, who lived in Europe for several years brought with her the language and customs of the people. Ms. Amer is an accomplished broadcaster who hosted news specials on TV for the Italian, Spanish, and Arab communities. She will be happy to assist you with your content and translation.